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Mrs. Jenna Wood

Administrative Coordinator

A Baltimore County native, Jenna Wood holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in History from Towson University. Mrs. Wood has…

Madame Wendy Morrow


B.A., Anthropology/African American Studies, U of Texas, Austin TX and B.A. in Languages, Literature, and Culture/French, UNC Greensboro, NC (in…

Mr. Bill Trautman

Upper School Teacher

B.S. in Education/Biology, Towson University, Towson, MD.  A true naturalist and teacher of science and Bible, Mr. Trautman has taught…

Miss Samantha Dutcher

7th Grade Teacher and Volleyball Coach

Miss Samantha Dutcher is teaching Seventh Grade Humanities, Latin, Typing, a Volleyball coach and helping with yearbook and French classes.…

Mr. Timothy Schneider

Upper School Teacher

B. A. Math, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Mr. Schneider teaches a wide variety of subjects to our Logic and Rhetoric…

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